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The Retail sector has undergone significant upheaval in recent years. This context has allowed retailers to shuffle the deck and consider new distribution methods such as Click & Collect, Drive, or Store-to-Web. Large-scale retailing (GSA and GSB) has managed to thrive during the health crisis and emerged as the big winner of this period, while undergoing significant transformations.

Beyond skills, players in the Retail sector are looking to surround themselves with agile and visionary personalities. They seek talent capable of breaking the norms and offering innovative solutions. With powerful tools and experts, our specialised teams position themselves as a reference partner in the search for the best talent for the Retail and Distribution sectors.

Our expertise

With our teams specialised in recruitment in the Retail and Consumer Goods sectors, we understand the unique challenges that companies in these industries face. Our expertise allows us to identify and recruit highly qualified professionals for key positions. Our strong candidate network allows us to select the best talent that match the culture and values of your company. We adopt a personalised and strategic approach to meet your specific recruitment needs, helping you build a high-performing team and achieve your goals.


Specialised Retail & Consumer Goods recruitment teams

Our team of consultants specialised in retail and consumer goods recruitment consists of passionate and competent experts. With an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and trends specific to these sectors, our team selects the best talent tailored to your needs.

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Our recruitment experts select Retail & Consumer Goods talent for companies of all sizes in the following sectors:

Retail & E-commerce:

  • Tourism, Leisure & Travel
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • Pet Care, Gardening & DIY
  • Personal and Home Equipment

Distribution :

  • Mass Retail / General Supermarkets
  • Superstores / Specialty Supermarkets
  • Specialty Food Retailers

Our references

The Retail and Consumer Goods functions for which we recruit:

  • Retail Director
  • Regional Director
  • Network Director
  • Store Manager
  • Merchandising Director
  • Merchandise Planning Director
  • Product/Group Manager
  • Collection Manager
  • Development Director
  • Expansion Director
  • Marketing/Communication Director
  • Transformation Director
  • Retail HR Director
  • France/Export Sales Director

7 reasons to entrust us with the recruitment of your talent for a position in the Retail & Consumer Goods sector:

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