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Morgan Philips Talent Consulting offers professional support services for managers and their teams in Paris and the regions, to ensure the employability and mobility of individuals undergoing professional transition. Benefit from an outplacement programme tailored to your needs and situation. Our specialist teams will guide you in defining and implementing your career plan.

  • Implementing a strategy to help you get back to work quickly​
  • Expertise and know-how of our consultants dedicated to your project​
  • Personalised career support programme and development workshops​
  • Guaranteeing the success of your career transition​

Personalised​ outplacement programme

Outplacement is a personalised, one-to-one or group consultancy and support service provided by a team of human resources and recruitment experts.​

Our personalised programme provides candidates with the expertise, strategy and logistics they need to find a professional solution as quickly as possible. It enables them to find a position in Paris or the regions that meets their needs and motivations, while remaining in line with their professional know-how.​

During this process, the consultant assists managers and/or their teams in the various phases of reflection, their professional and personal assessment, the preparation and management of their project, and the selection of relevant communication tools.

Coaching for ​executives
and their teams

Each executive and his or her team benefit from a programme that is tailored and personalised to their professional and personal project. An outplacement service can last between 6 and 12 months.​​

This support is provided exclusively by consultants and coaches specialising in recruitment and outplacement in a range of sectors including energy, property, construction, leisure, media, luxury goods and beauty.​ ​​

The consultant/coach is chosen on the basis of the executive's personality and affinity, so that his or her career plan can be transformed as quickly and effectively as possible.​​


There are 4 main stages in outplacement support:​

Understanding the candidate's aspirations with the help of personality questionnaires and the definition of their professional identity.​

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Choosing an outplacement firm

When an executive leaves a company, the company suggests outplacement firms in Paris or the regions. However, it is quite possible that these executives will also submit a list of outplacement firms that would suit them, according to certain criteria:

  • Location : is the outplacement agency in Paris? Close to home?​
  • The services : are the programme, interactions, frequency of meetings, tools used, etc. consistent with the professional project?
  • Are the coaches certified? Is it possible to choose your coach?
  • Duration : is the firm flexible in terms of duration? Will they provide support until the candidate finds another job?

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting responds favourably to all of these points and adapts to the candidate's requirements, whether in terms of location, choice of coach, duration or quality of service, etc.

A support system adapted to your needs and
monitored by a referent consultant​


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