Integrating your
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Do you want to anchor an employee's entry into their position? Do you need to hasten the integration period, ensure that the expected behaviours are put into practice and that the employee's development is in line with your company's strategy?​​

The integration of a new employee is crucial. That's why Morgan Philips Talent Consulting has developed a personalised, efficient 3-6 months solution to help you successfully recruit and integrate your new talent.​​​​​​



An online solution to assess your employee's potential as well as their abilities for integration after being hired and for self-development as part of a mobility programme.



Interviews to evaluate and clarify at each stage of your employee's integration the behaviors to apply, their strengths and their areas of development as they take up their position.



Experienced consultants to advise and support your employees in reaching their full potential within your company.

What are the keys
to successful onboarding?

More than just a trendy process, onboarding new employees is both an HR tool and a fantastic means of communication for the company. Discover the best practices and concrete examples for successfully integrating a new employee into your company.

Quelles sont les clés d'un onboarding réussi

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting has designed 2 onboarding programmes, lasting 3 or 6 months, to meet the
new challenges and needs of businesses. Our team of expert consultants is committed to guiding and advising your talent to reach their full potential.​


Agilit. is an effective solution for preparing and supporting the integration and development of your new employees within your organisation and their working environment. Individual support is based on an assessment of the employee and their ability to quickly reach their full potential.
The Agilit. inventory is an innovative solution for assessing your employees' ability to develop and realise their full potential. It measures 3 levers of agility:

Agility icon 1

People Agility

Knowing oneself, how one works and how to adapt.​

Agility icon 2

Performance Agility

Coping with pressure and uncertainty, being resilient and flexible.

Agility icon 3

Growth Agility

Being open to new things, capitalising on experiences to move forward.

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