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Morgan Philips Executive Search accompanies and advises you for the recruitment of experts and executives in France and internationally. Our sector-specialised headhunters use a direct approach and disruptive methods to assist you in recruiting the ideal profile that will support your strategic and development projects.


Our specialised headhunters work closely with you to define your needs, identify optimal methods to find the best talent, and convince the selected candidate to join your company.

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Our method in 7 key steps

When you entrust us with a direct approach assignment, the dedicated specialised consultant for your search manages the entire process: from creating the job briefing, to market mapping, conducting research, selecting and evaluating talent, all the way to their integration into your teams.

Our executive search firm uses a variety of scientifically recognized tools to assess the personality, potential, and skills of talent, enabling you to better understand your future collaborators and plan an effective integration and development strategy.

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Innovative sourcing techniques

There is a hidden job market. Many profiles of experts and executive managers do not apply through traditional channels. They need to be identified, directly approached, and convinced to join our clients. That's why we have redesigned the sourcing process to scan the entire market of potential candidates for each assignment.

A global database

accessible to our consultants at any time.

Club 5000

a unique community of experts who recommend talent through their extensive networks.

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Digital tools

to leverage the networks of our consultants and experts and increase the visibility of our searches.


Specialised teams at your service

Backed by an experienced and dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of the market and its challenges, our firm supports its clients in their efforts to identify and retain the best talent in France and internationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Executive Search?

Executive search, also known as "headhunting," is a recruitment method used to identify, contact, and hire experts, managers, and/or executives for key positions within an organisation.

Unlike traditional recruitment methods that focus on job postings and reviewing received applications, headhunting involves identifying passive candidates who may not actively be seeking a new job but possess the required skills and experience for the role.

Companies can engage specialised recruitment firms to help them find the best candidates for high-level positions. Headhunters have extensive networks and contacts in various industries, enabling them to discover professionals who may not be accessible through traditional recruitment channels.

What are the differences between executive search and middle management recruitment?

Middle management recruitment and executive search are two different methods. They differ in the nature of the positions they are used for and the approaches used to identify and recruit talents.

Middle management recruitment is used to fill positions for intermediate-level managers in an organisation, such as supervisors or managers who typically link with the General Management. Candidates for these positions are generally recruited through traditional channels such as job advertisements or online job portals.

On the other hand, executive search is used to recruit senior executives and top-level leaders for high-level positions in an organisation (e.g., CEO, HR Director, Sales Director, CFO, CIO). These are experienced and highly qualified professionals who are not actively seeking new opportunities. Headhunters use professional networks to identify and recruit these profiles.

What is the cost of a failed recruitment?

It varies depending on different factors (level of qualification, industry, company size, time the position remained vacant, etc.). Companies can engage an executive search firm to limit the costs of a failed recruitment in several ways:

Consultants have the expertise and experience to find highly qualified profiles that match the specific needs of the company. They utilize their networks and sourcing tools to identify passive job seekers.

The firm handles the entire recruitment process, from candidate search to pre-selection, interviews, reference checks, and contract negotiations. This allows companies to reduce the time and resources needed to find the right candidate.

Headhunters conduct a thorough evaluation of candidates, including their skills, experience, and personality, to ensure they are a perfect fit for the position.

Recruitment firms offer a replacement guarantee if the candidate does not suit the company. This helps companies mitigate the risks associated with a bad hire and limit the costs associated with a failed recruitment.

Firms ensure the confidentiality of the recruitment process.

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